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The Difference in Petrol and Diesel Engine Remapping


As you may know, engine remapping in Birmingham is the process of installing new engine (ECU) software and configuring it to provide the optimum power. A stock engine's air/fuel/ignition timing and other settings are altered to provide additional performance, turbocharged engines are ideal for this method of tuning (both petrol and diesel), several subtle variances exist between the two types.

1. Remapping of petrol vehicles

To get the most out of tuning petrol engines, you must first set the ECU software to enable more air intake, a more considerable turbo boost, and adjusting the ignition. Setting the ignition in advance will result in dramatically increased power and torque due to increased air, boost and fuel consumption.

• The amount of air and ignition points in a petrol engine are critical when remapping it, as they significantly impact performance. It's possible to end up with no gain or a jittery drive that's difficult to handle, if you don't set your ignition timing correctly.

• Since all engine remaps affect the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, environmental requirements are an issue for petrol engines. Still, in most situations, this pollution is no worse than it would be with an unmodified engine.

2. Diesel vehicle remapping: a necessary step:

Fuel and air mixture is ignited by pressure rather than a spark in diesel engines, making them unique. Diesel engine remapping differs from petrol engine remapping due to this property and the unique properties of diesel fuel. To maximize the output of your diesel engine, the most important thing you can do is to add additional fuel and boost. The increased power resulted from engine remapping, which altered the parameters to allow for increased fuel ingestion and turbo boost at lower engine revs. Despite this, the power gain isn't all that big. The main benefit comes from increased torque, increasing up to 30% when the engine is remapped. Thirty percent more torque will completely change the engine and convert it into a real performance car since modern diesel already has high torque ratings from the factory.

However, the quality of the exhaust gases is critical when remapping a diesel engine, which often results in thick, black smoke when not performed correctly. When this happens, it's a sign that the car's emissions are higher than they should be because the settings aren't quite right, with possible damage/ clogging/ blocking to the DPF.


Experts in the field of automobile remap always pay close attention to this element, and when the car is tuned correctly, there is no black smoke coming out of the tailpipes no matter how high the engine revs are.

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