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At Remapd, our team of qualified professionals understands the complexities of an engine. We use certified and genuine products to not only increase performance and fuel efficiency, but also to ensure optimal engine life. We've been in the business of remapping vehicles since May 2017 and are here to provide you with quality tuning services, at the lowest cost, backed up by a quality service. We are passionate about our work, we love what we do and always look to continuously improve our product line and services, allowing us to pass them on to you our customers.

At Remapd, we deliver what car manufacturers fail to offer – performance worth your hard earned money, using efficient engine tuning techniques. Vehicles are not meant to just transport you from one place to another, they are meant deliver an optimal experience of comfort, economy and performance that truly compliments the amount of money you spend on purchasing it.

When we talk about performance, it is not just increasing horsepower or speed, but your vehicle’s performance as a whole to deliver better fuel economy, increased torque and horsepower, and better throttle response. These resilient features can be achieved using our engine tuning services by employing our best minds and techniques without causing any risk to your engine or manufacturer’s warranty. Yes, we are safe and reliable!

Remapd have a great team with a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience. For all our ECU and tuning box services we have the support of our partners, who are continually working on and developing to improve their products. 

Seeing happy and satisfied customers is what we strive for at Remapd. This is precisely why we offer advanced chip tuning and ECU remapping services that exceed industry standards.

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We offer performance improvement for most makes and models.

Chip tuning for more than 70+ manufacturers.